Win one of the most exciting films of the year – Victoria

Victoria takes place over one long night in Berlin, when a young woman comes out of a club and gets mixed up with a bunch of mates. Little does she know they’re about to do a job for a dangerous crime boss and the fact that she goes along for the ride is all the more remarkable. But it makes sense, you know? The film is so fluid and breathless (pun on the Godard classic fully intended), all done in one unblinking, wide-eyed take that you can’t quite believe what’s going on.

It’s all a blur, like some of the best big nights out you’ve ever had, and Victoria takes you with it on every up and down, bounced along by the great music of techno-classical minimalist Nils Fram, whose first film score this is. You can join Victoria on her long night’s journey into morning thanks to Curzon by simply answering the following question:

Which actress plays Victoria?

Send your answers to and good luck.

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