Win the Palme d’Or winner of 2017, The Square on Blu-ray

As Cannes 2018 goes on, let’s cast our minds back to last year and the Palme d’Or winner of 2017, Ruben Ostlund’s sharp, art world satire The Square. The first Swedish film to win the top prize at Cannes in decades, it’s about a suave gallery director (played by Claes Bang) who loses his mobile phone and whose world consequently spirals out of control. Ostlund likes to pick away at the conventions of the bourgeoisie and male behaviour and The Square puts us all in the picture. You can win a copy of this provacative, funny, stylish movie.

Just tell me who plays the extraordinary “ape man” in the film’s most iconic and outstanding scene?

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You can also read my interview with the director Ruben Ostlund here.