Win The First Monday in May on DVD

Those documentary whizzes at Dogwoof are offering us a couple of prizes of their new DVD, the thoroughly entertaining The First Monday in May.

It comes from the lighter side of the doc spectrum but maintains an observational rigour as we peak behind the scenes of a few institutions – fashion’s glamour event The Met Gala, the Vogue edition that goes with it, and the construction of a new blockbuster exhibition at the Met museum, China: Through The Looking Glass.

the-first-monday-in-may-dvdSo it crackles with culture clashes. The politics of running a museum and the power plays of editing a magazine; the seriousness of curating Asian art and the high-end, money-spinning, star-studded art of throwing the world’s best party and the trickiest table plan.

Plus there’s the ever-disputed question of couture as art, although of course after seeing the magnificence of some of the costumes and outfits here, that’s beyond doubt.

The personalities include Anna Wintour, Baz Luhrmann, Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano (weedling his way back into fashion after that anti-semitic meltdown), film maker Wong Kar-Wai, and the super-neat British exhibition supremo Andrew Bolton.

I loved the balance of frippery and intelligence, of taste and tyranny.

You’ll love it too, I’m sure. So to win yourself a copy, just tell me:

Which blockbuster fashion exhibition first put Andrew Bolton on the map?

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