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The Big Sick is one of the romantic comedies of the year. It perhaps goes to show what an ailing world we’re in that the indie comedy that’s charmed us most is basically about a man falling in love with a woman who’s in a coma, just lying on a hospital bed for much of their romance. What resilient little souls we all are to laugh through the pain and the heartache – then again, how else is one supposed to get through life right now?

Written by and starring American Pakistani comedian Kumail Nanjiani, it’s a riff on the true-life story of how me met his partner, the comedy producer Emily Gordon. Nanjiani plays himself and actress Zoe Kazan (in a lovely performance that makes us miss her very much when she goes comatose) stands in for Emily. It’s a comedy of secrets and parents as Nanjiani wrestles with his cultural heritage of arranged marriage as well as having to win over Emily’s parents, played with candour and comic charm by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. 

The Big Sick is funny and sweet and, hidden amid its zingy, spiky one-liners and cute moments, it’s often pretty serious. It’s a rom com that treats falling in love with respect, realising that it’s not as simple as boy meets girl. It’s a proper examination of the heart, as well as the laughs.

Even though The Big Sick is about how you can’t just give your heart away, even if you want to, we are lucky enough to be able to offer the film as our big giveaway, with huge thanks to the people at Organic Publicity – just tell us: which comedy giant oversaw the production of The Big Sick?

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