Win The Awful Truth on Blu-ray

Your chance to win classic screwball comedy now, with a Blu-ray of The Awful Truth, part of the Criterion Collection.

It stars Cary Grant and Irene Dunne as a feuding husband and wife on the brink of divorce and trying to scupper each other’s romantic futures. This was the first film to employ Cary Grant’s skills for light comedy and the way he set about bantering through this new genre sent him to the top of Hollywood’s stars, unparalleled in the screwball sphere.

The dialogue from Arthur Richman’s original stage play proved perfect fodder but it was the chemistry Grant achieved with co-stars Ralph Bellamy and Irene Dunne that made the film zing and got director Leo McCarey the Oscar. In fact, many insiders believed Grant’s wise-cracking, quick-talking persona was based on many of McCarey’s own real-life mannerisms. Remarkably, although some of the sexual mores might be attributable to the era, the film hasn’t dated much – and in this sparkling 4k restoration, the art deco trappings and the fizz of dialogue look good as new and remain timelessly stylish and elegant. Meanwhile, Cary Grant in this mode is always the epitome of cool.

To win this American classic, just tell me which musical was a remake of The Awful Truth…?

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