Win the Danish conflict drama A War on DVD

Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, Danish conflict drama A War is the latest prize in our fabulous run of giveaways, again from those kind souls at Studiocanal.

Pilou Asbaek is the star – he’s in Game of Thrones now – who plays an admired platoon leader of a Danish troupe stationed in the stony-grey desert of Afghanistan. (I know, most people have no idea the Danes have troops in this war, but they’re in the UN, so, deal with it).

When a judgement call goes wrong, even if it’s in the best interests of his men, Pilou suddenly finds himself trapped in a nightmare of his own – the conflict now comes home.

The film does a fascinating job of picturing all sides of the drama – Pilou’s young family stuck at home have their own stresses while Daddy’s away on business – and then comes a legal procedural that hones in on the decision-making processes involved in modern soldiering.

As in this film’s close predecessor A Hijacking, writer Tobias Lindholm (with whom Asbaek worked in TV hit Borgen) draws great drama from the conflicting spaces, ultimately entwining the world’s macro political issues onto the conscience of one man in a room.

To win A War on DVD, just tell us the name of Pilou Asbæk’s character in Borgen?

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