Win Sebastian Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman on Blu-ray

Winner of the 2018 Oscar for Foreign Language Film, Sebastian Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman features a beguiling performance from trans actor Daniela Vega as a Santiago night club singer Marina, whose world collapses when her older lover Orlando has a heart attack. 

A respectable businessman, Orlando’s family refuse to let his mistress attend the funeral and all around society can’t trust Marina or place her. It’s a film about gender and survival, about identity and acceptance and it’ll have you captivated, fixed by Vega’s enigmatic stare, a gaze that’s both vulnerable and challenging. There are some wonderful sequences amid the harsh realties of prejudice and mistrust, notably a fantasy-style dance number. To win this superb film on Blu-Ray courtesy of Curzon just tell me:

Which electronic music pioneer wrote the film’s soundtrack?

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