Visages Villages ★★★★★

Visages Villages was wonderful, my fave so far, a delightful doc by Agnes Varda and her new chum, the slightly irritating French street artist JR.

She knows how to control him though, so they combine on an eccentric odyssey in a van that acts as a mobile photo booth printing out large photos of people which JR and his team then plaster all over building and houses in little towns.

It’s a film about home and belonging and about the shifting sands in society, changes in attitude and practices, from coal mining to goat cheese production, but it’s never unsubtle enough to spell anything out.  JR and Agnes are an unlikely double act, but their interplay is loving and funny and its sparks are entertaining as well as artistically impressive.

It become very moving, too, when Agnes goes off to visit her old chum Jean-Luc Godard.

I love Agnes Varda.

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