Trash d’Or

My Awards

Best Film: Loveless

Best Actor: Louis Garrell taking on Jean Luc Godard in Le Redoubtable

Best Actress:  Vasilina Makovtseva, A Gentle Creature

Best Ensemble: 120 Beats Per Minute

Best Music: the 70s bits in Wonderstruck; Good Time score by Oneohtrix Point Never.

Best Meal: Shark and shellfish stew (under)cooked by Emma Thompson in The Meyerowtiz Stories

Best Dance: unsettlingly weird karaoke dance to Sia by the son in Haneke’s Happy End

Worst Dance: Marion Cotillard to Bob Dylan in Ismael’s Ghosts

Best outfit: The “Russia” tracksuit in the final shot of Loveless

Best animal: Okja, the super pig

Best Drink: Jamesons and Ginger Ale at Straight 8 party

Best Food: excellent John Dory at IMDb dinner at Table 22

Best Shot: The collapse of the work site in Happy End; the float down the tower block looking in all the windows in the criminally under-rated Jupiter’s Moon.

Best Scene: The shouting argument in the car back from Cannes in Le Redoubtable; the flop house vodka drinking session in A Gentle Creature

Best Dressed: Nicole Kidman, who pulled off 4 good red carpet looks, one for each of her movies in the official selection.

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