I loved my Private Dancer album, loved its cover and loved all the tracks. But I didn’t know Tina Turner, not really. 

Turns out, neither did she – Private Dancer was her first step on the road to self-discovery, a journey charted by this entertaining and enjoyably honest documentary from Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin. 

Turner is clearly a victim of abuse and the trauma runs deep, given that so much of it was played out in public as she performed with Ike Turner and then later in the film What’s Love Got To Do With It. It keeps coming back to haunt her, no matter how hard she tries to shake the ghosts of that past.

This film is about dealing with that, coping with that, smiling at all that  – you sense she’d move on if people would just let her and stop asking about bloody Ike all the time. That’s why, I guess, it’s called Tina. Not only does she have to make the songs she covers her own – her version of Help is mighty, her I Can’t Stand The Rain iconic, even What’s Love Got To Do With It was originally, unrecognisably done by perky 80s pop people Buck’s Fizz – but Tina also has to make her name and her life her own.