The Leisure Seeker

It seems fashionable to diss this sentimental road-trip movie. It’s treacly and teary, of course, because it’s about Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland as an old married couple who set off in their titular winnebago for one last journey into the American sunset.

She’s ailing and he’s got Alzheimers and their grown children fret like mad back at home.

But I loved it. Maybe it caught me at the right time, but it seemed heartfelt to me, not manipulative and, directed by Italian Paolo Vrizi, it is unafraid to deal with tears and heart and big feelings. And while it may not be Dame Helen’s finest hour, she pulls her performance through with utter professionalism and let’s Sutherland be great. 

I cried buckets, and felt better for it, and for anyone who’s ever had parents, this is surely a very useful emotional journey, like that winnebago, a bit rickety and old-fashioned, but reliable enough to get you where you need to go.

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