The Great Hack

To Netflix, for the Best Streaming option right now, and just dropped is The Great Hack, a brilliant, brave documentary – they do these very well – about the harvest of all our data that lead to the big political shocks of our age, Trump and Brexit. 

There are whistleblowers and shady figures, there are  journalists such as Carole Cadwalladr and there are select committee hearings before which brazen billionaires baldly lie… it’s the sort of film that has your blood boiling, leaving you feeling you’ve been played, and now you’re seething with injustice, impotence and paranoia.

That can be a good thing for a doc to do, but it’s most chilling about the technological age in which we live, all our likes, swipes , comments and behaviours making us predictable, malleable automatons easily influenced by ads and propaganda and images which make up our minds and lead us into oblivion.