The Finest Hours

Casey Affleck proves his chops again in this wholesome yet respectable Disney disaster movie, where The Perfect Storm meets The Poseidon Adventure, all based on a true-life 1950s coastguard rescue.

Affleck is the pilot of an oil tanker that is cracked in two by a massive storm, an event brilliantly rendered by the effects team here.

While he tries some old salty sea dog manoeuvres to save his motley crew, back on land, Chris Pine is dispatched in a small boat to answer the mayday call. The waves are fierce and he’s got a pretty fiancee (British actress Holliday Granger, using her very 50s-sounding name to perfect career-boosting effect) waiting on the shore but still he insists, taking some more salty sea dogs with him on a mission that all the old men in the bar murmur is “Suicide”.

There’s lots of rather amusing rhubarb rhubarb acting in this creaky old-fashioned slice of Americana, but there’s some very impressive effects work, too, and I’d be as curmudgeonly as one of those hoary old fishermen to deny it’s uplifting tale of bravery, duty and constant water. Do go to the loo before you watch it…

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