The Commuter

Liam Neeson must have a contract on each film that he is at some point required to say “I will kill you” into a mobile phone.

Sure enough that happens in The Commuter, as big Liam, an ex-cop, is fired from his cosy insurance job in Manhattan and is on his way back to the suburbs to tell his wife the bad news.

Only, a femme fatale played by Vera Farmiga stops him and tells him there’s $100,000 waiting for him if he’ll just do her a favour and find someone on the train carrying a bag. Then she disappears, leaving Liam with the dilemma.

Liam’s hunt begins – but he’s also being watched and hunted and sniffs a trail of corruption involving, you guessed it, dirty cops. Cue fights on the train, leaning out of windows, jumping between carriages, hiding in electricity boxes and a big screechy derailment sequence when the brakes cut out…

All your train ride cliches are here and it’s total trash and all the more enjoyable for it, a film sure of it’s goals and it’s sense of place and one that doesn’t care if it doesn’t make sense because it’s all about big Liam, his phone and that runaway train.

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