The Canned In Film Festival: Day Three

Day Three: 21 March 2020

Kicking and Screaming (2005) PG – Everyone’s missing their football on a weekend, so the Canned In Film Festival is alive to your woes. For kids, this is Will Ferrell coaching your team and bringing the little team spirit to fruition, with some legendary coaching help. For parents, many of you will have been there, would have been there this morning in the park. So allow Elf himself to take charge for 90 mins. My kids loved this. “It’s very funny”, “the Italian kids on the team are the best” but “it’s annoying how he pronounces Pele as ‘Peeley’ all the way through.”


Battle of the Sexes (2017)  – For a family film with a bit of sporting exercise, try Battle of the Sexes which is great fun and rather exciting, too. Emma Stone is fabulous as Billie Jean King taking on the braying machismo of Steve Carell’s Bobby Riggs when he challenges her to the legendary 1973 showdown. But the film’s more about feminism and equality than anything else and the period trappings are expertly captured, from the hair, to the tennis outfits to the prevailing attitudes.

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Diego Maradona (2019) 12 – I saw this at the Cannes premiere last year, in the company of its director and producers. What a night. And director Asif Kapadia nudged me this morning to remind me that the film makes its terrestrial debut on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight. It’s free!! and what a great doc it is, with the most exciting opening sequence of any doc ever made, I reckon. The football stuff’s fabulous in it, of course, with archive and angles you’ve never seen of the balletic imp in action, but it’s the downfall at the hands of drugs and the Napoli mafia – the Camorra – that hit hardest when the descent sets in. Idols with feet of clay, comes to mind, but what feet they were. You don’t have to like football to love this film, because Maradona is such a great star himself and there is such a lot of social history here, and a character study of one flawed, human, superhero.

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Midnight Screening

Beats (2019) 18 – If you can’t go out and party, here’s a film to remember what it was like, a riot of Scottish rave, back in the day (1994) when the Government was trying to stop all the fun (oh the irony), this coming of age debut British indie film from Brian Welsh last year is absolutely banging. About two best – but very different – mates seeking the night of their life, it’s a wee gem you probably haven’t seen or heard of – so get right on it.

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