The Canned In Film Festival: Day One

Day One: 19 March 2020

Wall-E (U) 2008 – Pixar at its beautiful best, the story of a lone robot continuing his function on an abandoned, junk-choked planet Earth. I just feel this is so clever and so prescient and so right for now, with a big heart, too. A masterpiece from the golden age of computer animation. Sky Cinema, Google Play, Amazon Prime

Escape To Victory (PG) 1981 – old-fashioned, wonderfully hokey WWII movie, with an all-star cast and a rousing climax featuring Ipswich players from the 1978-80 heyday, Ossie Ardiles, Bobby Moore, Pele and Sly Stallone in goal. Directed by John Houston, who didn’t even know how many players there were on a soccer team. On Netflix under its American title, Victory, and Amazon Prime.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (15) 2019 – my favourite film of the year so far, cut short in the cinemas in its considerable prime. Made me cry. Twice. And now you can watch it at home. For more gushing, see review on this site. Curzon Home Cinema.