The Canned In Film Festival: Day Eleven

So today is the final day of the Canned In Film Festival, now affectionately also known as CIFF.

And what an eleven days it has been. I hope you’ve found some gems along the way and enjoyed watching films together, or on your own.

Tonight, Sunday 29 March, is the Closing Night, and so we’re having an Awards Ceremony. 

It’ll be on Instagram Live, so do join me for that at 1900 UK time. I do hope to have a celebrity guest or two to accept a prize…

So: I also need to get your votes in for the three categories – if you need reminding all of the films selected, go to the Canned In Film Festival home page here.

  • Best Kids Film
  • Best Family Film
  • Best Adults Film

Either email me here under the contact tab, or message me on Instagram @mrjasonsolomons with your picks.

The Closing Night film is Bill, which is a very funny and sweet comedy, starring most of the Horrible Histories gang, about the early days of Bill Shakespeare as an unsuccessful lute player.

Bill (2015) PG

Bill (2015) PG is a perfect family film to close the festival, and can serve as a bit of an ‘educational’ tool ahead of the school week. In the way Horrible Histories is ‘educational’, that is.

And it’s streaming on Amazon Prime and easily available on BFI Player, Sky Store and Rakuten TV, Apple iTunes among others.

Also, I’d love to read some reviews, ones that maybe your kids have written – They can be single sentences, simple poster quotes or something more constructed. Of course, grown ups’ reviews are also welcome – feel free to send those in (and if they haven’t written any, how about doing one of Bill for school work on Monday?).

Thanks for joining and thanks for watching.

I will keep making film suggestions over the lockdown period, but probably down to your one-a-day….