straight 8

I’m thrilled to have been appointed chairman of a very fine Jury. I’ll be cajoling and corralling an all-star line-up to judge the rejuvenated Straight 8 competition, in which film makers shoot one reel of Super 8 Kodak film. It doesn’t have to be one shot, but there’s no editing, no retakes, no post.

And, best of all, no peeking.

The winning entries will see their film (it’s entered exposed but undeveloped) for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival this May. I’ll be there.

Straight8Judges-Jason-SolomonsMy co-jurors are: Asif Kapadia (Senna, Amy); the brilliant cinematographer Ed Lachman (Carol, Far From Heaven); Head of Distribution at Altitude Hamish Moseley; Pegah Farahman, commissioner of Channel 4’s Random Acts, the show on which some of the winners will be nationally broadcast.

It’s a great Jury, really connected to the energies of film making, and a great prize: Cannes, national TV…maybe a kiss from me…

I’ve been on straight 8 duties before because I’ve always felt this was a great, pure cinema competition. Plus, entries can only last cartridge length 3 mins 20 sec, so it’s not too arduous to watch them all. Note: you put your soundtrack on after.

But you get some wonderful invention and innovation through the parameters of this competition. And it’s the sort of grass roots shooting that’s keeping film alive, a bit of lo-fi culture which, like DJing did for vinyl, brings people back to a love to filming and means that celluloid will never die.

To find out more and to enter click here  – don’t worry if you haven’t got your idea sorted yet, you just have to enter so organiser and founder Ed Sayers can send you the magic black box of film on which you will shoot your tiny masterpiece.

Can’t wait to see your mini movies and can’t wait to meet some of you lucky, genius winners in Cannes.

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