Seen Any Good Films Lately?

Can’t believe it but we’re into Season 3 of Seen Any Good Films Lately? I hope it’s as addictive to listen to and it has become to make.

This season is, of course, awards season and as the race to the Oscars hots up, I’ll be following the films and the players all starring in the various categories as long-listers, nominees, contenders, should-have-beens and winners.

We’ll try to cover as wide a range as possible, including actors, directors, producers, writers and some craft categories such as cinematographers and costume designers, to really bring you the personalities of awards season and how it shines a spotlight on the whole film industry and film culture.

You’ll still get loads of film recommendations from this year’s best-in-the-business and reviews of the latest films to see, as I discuss what people are watching and ask which films have inspired them and what it is about the movies that makes us love talking about them so much..

It’s all gold – it’s Seen Any Good Films Lately?