Pain and Glory

I reviewed this film from Cannes but it does just need repeating how good it is, one of director Pedro Almodovar’s very best.

Antonio Banderas is better than he’s ever been in the lead role, playing an ageing movie director forced to revisit his past on the occasion of the restoration of one of his earlier works, a fruity-looking film called Sabor.

Banderas gets everything just perfectly – the pain, the aching bones, the ecstatic escape of his new-found heroin habit, the comedy, the handsome dishevelment. It’s a film about memory and fiction and how they relate to and feed off reality, often uncomfortably. 

Almodovar delves deep into his emotional palette, chucking all the reds and the yellows at the camera, and all the loves – a mother’s and a gay lover’s.

The film is such a delight, such a joy to watch, taking you on a journey of surprises and tenderness.

It’s one of the year’s best and it should earn Banderas an Oscar nomination. Don’t miss it.