Ocean’s 8

Slick and shiny like the bauble they team up to heist, Ocean’s 8 is exactly the fun ride you want it to be.

You might want more but you won’t find it here – there’s no real danger or tension, which is absolutely fine. You’re supposed to admire the style and the finesse, the look and the prep. There’s even a line where Cate Blanchett says to Sandra Bullock: “Just knowing the job will work is enough – you don’t actually got to do it?”

But yes they do. They have to pull off the pinching of a 150 million dollar Cartier pendant from the fine neck of Anne Hathaway during the Met Gala. And they go through it all like a smooth dance – the recruiting, the planning, the cross and double cross, the outfit changes, the switcheroos. No one really gets their hands dirty or even breaks a nail. These girls are too cool for that, and the film’s too pleased with itself to be concerned with facutalities.

Glossy, bossy and great fun, there are some good ideas here for getting free rooms in posh hotels, how to fill vodka bottles with water and how to scam a security camera. And some cool outfits. Is there anything deeper in its feminist empowerment? Does there need to be? The fact that it exists is good enough for me.