My Worst films of 2015

So here’s my worst films of 2015, say no more……

Lessons in Love – dire attempted romcom with Pierce Brosnan shagging sisters played by Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba. The old goat.

A Little Chaos – soggy period gardening drama about Kate Winslet at Versailles, cleavage heaving while King Louis gazes on. directed, terribly, by Alan Rickman.

Mortdecai – Johnny Depp and his moustache tries a Terry-Thomas impression in this leaden caper involving art heists, Gwynneth Paltrow and, sadly, Paul Bettany. Painful.

Rounding out my bottom 10 in no particular order:

Hackney’s Finest

The Kingsmen


The Lobster (so mean, so smug)

The Age of Adeline 

Man Up

The Man from UNCLE

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