My BFI London Film Festival Awards

Check out my BFI London Film Festival awards:

Best Film: Room

Best New Project Rumour: Jacques Audiard’s first English language film, a Gold Rush-era Western, starring John C Reilly, but shot in Europe.

Best Acceptance Speech: Cate Blanchett, receiving BFI Fellowship: “To my husband Andrew Upton who told me that as a woman I may only have a five-year window as a film actress, Fuck You darling, I’m still here.”

Best Toilet Encounter: Doing a wee next to Sir Ian McKellen

Best Canapes: Mini Eggs Benedict, Armani breakfast event BFI Southbank

Best Cocktail: Drambuie Rusty Nail, Opening Night Suffragette party

Best Costumes: Sandy Powell, Carol

Best Promotional Item: the mass tattooing of the audience for They Will Have To Kill Us First

Best New Young Sexy Person I Sat Next To: Anya Taylor-Joy, actress in Sutherland Award winner The Witch

Best Chaperone: Her Dad

To see the official winners of the 59th BFI London Film Festival click here.