Big news. Those of you visiting the site over the last few months will have noticed a drop off in posts from me, particularly in terms of film reviews. That’s because, after 25 years as a film critic, I’m putting away my pen and pad and moving into movie producing. 

It’s taken some long hard thinking and learning but here we are. My company is called Movie Love Productions, because I love movies, and with a nod to a collection of film criticism essays called Movie Love, by the New York critic Pauline Kael whose writing and style were very influential on me when I started out.

So, I’m going to make movies. Feature films, you know, like the ones you hear everyone talking about and can’t wait to go out and see. Films to make people fall back in love with cinema.


A Waiter in Paris

A dangerous and delicious adaptation of Edward Chisholm’s best-selling memoir, about a down-and-out young Englishman who gets a lowly job in a cut-throat but glamorous bistrot and must learn to become a true Parisian waiter in order to survive.

King of the Witches

A British comedy, based on the untold true story of retired explorer and committed nudist Gerald Gardner who discovers a coven of witches in a quiet Dorset village, casts a spell to fend off Hitler and founds the world’s fastest-growing religion by mistake…