Mogul Mowgli

Great performance from Riz Ahmed here, as Zed, a rapper who is struck down with a debilitating disease just as he was getting his big break to tour Europe with a big US star. He’s forced to spend time at home (in Wembley, I think) and look at his family’s past, the partition trauma with India. and the splits and factions in his own community.

This is a very unusual British low-budget indie film, taking us into places previously uncovered by our cinema and bringing out all the talents of this terrific actor, his tender vulnerabilities and his fierce charisma. Most of all, as he wrote it, too, his passion and cool intelligence also shine through. A film about identity, culture, religion, tradition and new paths, it’s got smart dialogue and through-provoking lyrics. Zed might not get to do hi big tour, but no doubt about it, this is creator Riz’s tour de force.