Military Wives

This is fine. Just fine. Nothing special, nothing electric, but it does hit many of the right notes and most of them in the right order. 

That’s its problem. The story of soldiers’ wives coming together for form a choir and go the Albert Hall is all very predictable, not just in terms of plot but in its pacing, characterisation and emotional arcs. 

Kristin Scott Thomas is predictably good as the frosty Colonel’s wife bottling up her grief; Sharon Horgan is likeable if not as funny as she can be as the disorganised Mum tasked with getting the choir together while her teenage daughter goes slightly off the rails. The other motley characters add shade and light and you can guess which one will have a tragedy and which one the epiphany.

It’s directed by The Full Monty’s Peter Cattaneo, because he can do this sort of thing very well, even clothed. I nearly laughed, I nearly cried, I nearly sang along.