Lovin’ You – Minnie Ripperton

Tune of the Week is Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ You, which gets the full lip synch treatment in a very weird moment on a Greek yacht in the arch male-bonding comedy Chevalier. The little, put-upon nerdy younger brother gets up and does a whole routine to the song, slightly ruining one of the most beautiful love songs ever, but I guess that was the point. For me, you can’t tarnish this one too much though in this wonderfully old-fashioned video that bloke on guitar isn’t as Joy of Sexy as he thinks he is – actually, I think he might be Richard Rudolph, Minnie’s husband and producer at the time. Their daughter Maya (yup, Maya Rudolph, the actress currently appearing in Maggie’s Plan) had just been born and the song was written as a lullaby to her. Just a warning: don’t try it yourself at karaoke. Never do Lovin’  You, or Stevie Wonder’s Lately. Never.

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