I talk to Louise Osmond about Ken Loach, his films and his legacy

Louise Osmond is a documentary maker whose recent successful films about British eccentricities include Dark Horse, about a Welsh nag trained by a pub landlady and her customers to go all the way to the Grand National, and Deep Water, an incredible true story about the fraudulent round-the-world sailor Donald Crowhurst.

Her latest film tackles another eccentric, at least in film industry terms, in the form of Ken Loach, the quiet man whose firebrand political film making has shaken up the British establishment like no other, and won him two Palme d’Or trophies at Cannes.

Osmond’s film Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach traces his development as an artist, director, agitator, pariah, father and inspiration, all hung around the making of his latest film, I, Daniel Blake, which of course won the top prize at Cannes 2016.

I talk to her about Ken, his films and his legacy, as well as her own past docs, which, I can exclusively reveal, are both now headed to the big screen in feature film form.

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