Lou Rawls – For What It’s Worth

Protest tunes have been a theme of the week and I played many on my radio show. I did play Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth, which features in Echo in the Canyon, because t here’s none more classic in the genre than that song, and Stephen Stills wrote it after the Sunset Strip curfew riots in LA back in 1966… so, you know.. It was also sampled by Public Enemy for Spike Lee’s He Got Game, so it feels like it’s a song that joins the dots. It’s the right song but for Movie Tune of the Week, I’m going to go for a black artist’s version of it, which I think just nudges it from a hippyish, counter-culture protest song about Vietnam and marijuana, to add a racial element. So it’s Lou Rawls 1968 interpretation that earns the crown this week, even if this exact version isn’t in the film, the tune is – so, the judges are allowing it. And I love it.