Lego Batman Movie

Can’t believe so many grown-ups, nay film critics, were actually laughing at this eye-damaging juvenalia.

I mean it might be all right if you took your kids, but frankly its gag-a-second frenzy soon becomes tiresome and taking the piss out of superhero franchises isn’t very difficult, is it?

Will Arnett voices Bat Man, riffing on the Christian Bale pomposity. everything else is in there too, including Joker and Suicide Squad and jokes about Batman v Superman being shit. Ooh, transgressive.

Rosario Dawson provides peppy voice work as Barbara Gordon, but Ralph Fiennes’ Alfred is flat and, well, there isn’t a plot worth more than 15 minutes of your time.

I know, I’m a miserable git. But also, fuck Lego and fuck Bat Man.

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