Ken Loach for Adobe’s Fete du Cinema in Paris

Celebrating their growing success as a film maker’s tool, Adobe held a cinema day in Paris and had managed to secure Palme d’Or winner Ken Loach as a key guest. They asked me to travel with Ken and interview him on stage at the splendid Forum des Images. Ken is probably more feted in France than in the UK and he was treated like a pop star, the young audience training their phones on him and leaning in for his every word. We talked for an hour, covering the changes in cinema technology over his 50-year career as well as the changes in society, politically, socially and artistically, he had witnessed and chronicled in his films. Ken was warm, witty and fierce, regaling us with an anecdote (one I’d never heard before) about the three different birds they had to train for Kes as well as with tales of media bias and rampant injustice. The audience questions flowed, Ken got a standing ovation and Adobe got lots of social media buzz.

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