Goodnight Mommy premiere

Here are some pic from the Goodnight Mommy premiere at Curzon Soho, where I had the pleasure of hosting the QnA with directors Veronika Franz and Severin Friala. Did you know this writer/director duo met when Severin helped out as Veronika’s babysitter. When she returned from her night out (she’s the partner of Austrian director Ulrich Seidl), the babysitter remarked how he’d spent his time agog at their video collection.

Goodnight-Mommy-Premiere-Jason-Solomons2The next time he was asked to babysit, Veronika – a veteran of the Viennese film industry – had programmed a whole night’s viewing: a Robert Bresson marathon. The next time, it was an Ozu night. And so on, until babysitting was no longer the excuse and the pair began a working relationship.

Their description of auditioning the 125 pairs of twins was fun, too, as well as their requisitioning of the sleek, rich house used in the film, and learning that the ‘roaches in the film are the Giant Madagascan Hissing variety (they didn’t tell the house owner they’d be using cockroaches…). A fascinating QnA, then, to go with a very good – and scary – little film well worth catching over the next couple of weeks, if you like cool Austrian art house with shades of Cronenbergian horror. The directors are now being courted by Hollywood…

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