Matthew McConaughey overdoes it by a mile in Gold. He’s a bald, pot bellied, snaggle-toothed, booze-soaked, chain smoker called Kenny and he’s desperate to strike Gold in Indonesia.

He gets rich, but loses it all, and I’m not sure if we’re supposed to cheer as he tumbles into ruins. He’s a pretty loathsome creation but the film hasn’t got the smarts of, say, The Wolf of Wall Street, so we fail to root for him or admire his money.

I don’t really know what this film is, apart from terrible. Edgar Ramirez doesn’t do much with the role of the mystical prospector Mike and Bryce Dallas Howard’s part as Kenny’s girlfriend is depressingly underwritten and over-performed.

It’s an unpleasant couple of hours in the company of thoroughly unappealing people doing very little to redeem themselves.

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