Get Out

This is one of the coolest, edgiest films I’ve seen in a while, a daring dissection of race in America and also very funny.

Brit actor – yes Samuel L Jackson, deal with it – Daniel Kaluuya is great as Chris, a young black photographer going to the affluent suburbs to meet his girlfriend’s ostensibly liberal parents. The girlfriend is played by Alison Williams, from Girls, while hypnotherapist Mum is Catherine Keener and Obama-supporting Dad is Bradley Whitford (Josh, from the West Wing series).

All seems rosy, except for the strange black gardner giving Chris odd stares and the weird black maid. They put Chris on edge, as do sounds in the night and Mom’s guilt trips about his smoking.

The weekend visit coincides with a family gathering, where things get weirder and despite his feeling for his girlfriend, Chris realises he should do as the title says and get the hell out from this white weirdness.

Directed by Jordan Peele, this is skewering stuff, potent with humour, brave on race and, ultimately, brilliantly inventive on what’s going on – but I seriously can’t tell you, as it’s a major spoiler, but if I say it’s something like The Stepford Wives meets Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner done by a young Spike Lee, we’re getting somewhere.

It feels like a landmark cult classic.

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