After the thriller of Metro Manila, director Sean Ellis turns his hand to very different material, the true-life story around the plot to assassinate Nazi “butcher” Reinhard Heydrich, in Prague, in 1942.

Cillian Murphy (always good) and Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Wooden) are the parachutists dropping in and doing Slovakian and Moldovan accents (via Cork) as they join up with the Czech resistance, led by Toby Jones.

They find girlfriends to give themselves cover as they stroll the city, scouting the best spots to kill a Nazi (and Heydrich was top brass, third in command behind only Himmler and Hitler).

The first half is a bit dull, all sepia-saturated and shadowy whispers, but Ellis really jolts things into life during and after the assassination attempt, when our heroes and their accomplices hole up in a church while the Gestapo unleash their biggest guns.

It’s a reasonably recreation of the event, but it does get caught in the grey areas of heroism that sometimes hobble war movies – Heydrich’s death prompted terrible reprisals in Prague and the revenge death of an estimated 10,000 civilians, so did our heroes do the right thing?

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