An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Climate change deserves a better documentary than this puffy propaganda piece about Al Gore and his journey after winning an Oscar for that fact-filled power-point presentation An Inconvenient Truth.

The former Vice-President (so nearly winner of the big seat himself) has settled into life as the foremost climate change advocate, schooling hundreds of citizens in his presentation skills so they too can help convert the world to renewable energy.

There’s no denying Gore’s commitment, nor the common sense urgency of his climate cause. But the film has barely anything original to offer or to shock us into action. Rather than following the cheery yet still politicking Gore around the world as he asks bleedin’ obvious questions of scientists and flood victims, the film would have had more impact in giving back power to the audience.

What can I do? How do I help? The citizen activism inspired by the first film would be a more energetic and inspiring topic, surely, than watching Al in various jumpers showing off yet more slideshows.

Gore is, admittedly, more of a personality than he was in the first movie – his hair is better, if greyer, and his suits fit more stylishly – but he’s still no movie star. I wish this was a stirring call to arms, or at least to the arms of a wind turbine, but it’s more a cure for insomnia than a battle cry.

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