A fly-on-the-wall style doc about three brothers in Colima, Mexico caring for their ailing, elderly ‘abuela’ this is a beautiful film about family love, duty, death and the system.

America is the name of the frail grandma although surely there’s some political allegory going on here, one I couldn’t quite work out, but even if it’s just an appeal for more mercy and heart in the world, then its surely worth heeding.

The brothers squabble even as they take turns caring and washing and cleaning and indulging their grandmother, who has clearly had an enormous influence on their lives, a love they repay now while their Dad Luis seems to be detained and accused of abusing his own mother.

The authorities do intervene to assess, but of course there’s no room on their questionnaires for the depth of emotion everyone shows here. You can’t rip families apart, you can’t hope to assess  the profundity of love nor take into account the years of tenderness and sacrifice. 

That’s what works best here, a calm and patient film that gets into the heart of a family and, through its universality, seeps into our own hearts.