A Streetcat Named Bob

Look, I don’t like cats or dogs in movies. They’re not funny or cute. To be honest, I”m not keen on them in real life, either, and my wife’s thankfully allergic to them all.

The one in this film is called Bob, and he’s played in the film by the real-life Bob, apparently. Said feline saved the real life of James Bowen, a heroin addict and homeless bloke, helped turn his life around, get him clean (well, off drugs anyway) and made him a very popular Big Issue seller and author. And a massive egotist, it seems.

The film, based on “an international best-seller” I’d never heard of and on a person who became a “local celebrity” exactly where I live in London (I’d never heard of him, either), is gravely irritating, badly acted and, although it surely doesn’t want to be, is stupidly naive and misleading about drugs and homelessness.

Luke Treadaway does his best with the part of lank-haired loser James, but can’t shake the inherently annoying facts that he’s a junkie, a busker and an Australian.

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