You’ve Been Trumped, Too

Rushed out in time to get Donald Trump before he’s voted Leader of the Free World, this muddled follow-up doc by Anthony Baxter fails to land any blows on the potential POTUS.

Which is terrifying. Baxter’s first film in 2011 showed Trump building his golf course in Aberdeenshire, bulldozing ecosystems and bullying locals. It was very good and really pissed Trump off, to the point that Baxter was arrested.

It showed a brute in action, a businessman on the warpath. But that’s the trouble. Nobody stops Trump and now he’s about to seize power. And this new doc gets nowhere near troubling the oaf of a man. It spends ages with poor Molly, a 92 year old Scottish widow, whose water supply was cut off during construction of the course and who, 5 years later, is still without running water.

But she won’t budge or sell her land to Trump and he can’t make her do so, even if he makes her life miserable. Back in 2011 it looked monstrous – now we’re used to him and his horrors and even a threat to sue the film maker for libels isn’t troubling, more par for the course.

Because Baxter has nothing to make Trump seem worse, nothing to deter anyone from voting for him. The more I watched You’ve Been Trumped, Too, the more I was convinced Trump would win the election. That’s how bad a film it really is.

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