Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 should be out now.

It is out now, but most of you can’t see it. Which begs the question, like the tree falling in the forest, does it even exist?

I saw it though, at a press screening. We all went in full of expectation – but by the time we got out, 150 minutes later, it was announced London was going into Tier 3, so the cinemas would be closed. I know Wonder Woman flies an invisible plane – now she’s playing in invisible cinemas…

Oh well. Hopefully, they’ll keep her playing well into New Year, so when restrictions lift, you can see it – and it would be well worth doing so. It’s great big screen fun and I really enjoyed being back at the movies for it. Perhaps I enjoyed the act and action of seeing it at the giant IMAX more than the actual film itself? That’s a fair point, but it’s also part of the point of going to the movies, for the experience, particularly for a super hero movie like that, and it all reminded me so much of what we’ve been missing.

So, to the film: Gal Gadot is a wonder, frankly. She holds the screen, carries the movie, and is just marvellous to behold. She’s beautiful, graceful, heroic, lovely and she keeps a dignified straight bat all the way through, even as the movie spirals further into nonsense. That’s her super power…

To bore you a little with the plot: a two-bit, oil con-man takes over the world  – he’s a slightly rubbish villain (played by Pedro Pascal) and, I think, some oblique reference to Trump and his snakeoil TV salesman schtick and his temper tantrums – having stolen a magic gem from the Smithsonian where Gal’s Diana now works, alongside demure gemologist Barbara, played by Kristen Wiig. There are nice jokes about walking in heels – the real super power – and Kristen and Gal make a good pairing.

It’s set in 1984 for… I can’t quite work that out – there are sight gags about fanny packs and day-glo and breakdancers and Walkmans, but not much else, except a bit of Frankie singing Relax on the soundtrack. Oh, yes, there’s a nice dressing up montage that Chris Pine gets to do in a variety of 80s outfits and that’s quite funny, gender flipping the traditional ‘trying on clothes’ montage – and there are some good action pieces, particularly at the beginning of the movie.

I liked it. It’s too long by 30 mins and could have done with more jokes given Kristen Wiig is in it, but it was perfectly fine, until the last few scenes which get silly and overblown, as they usually do in superhero movies.

I do hope you get to see it on a big screen and have fun with it, and I do hope we can see more of Gal Gadot doing her wonder stuff again soon.