Win the Breadwinner on Blu-ray

Here’s your chance to own an Oscar-nominated animation from the unlikely Irish powerhouse studio of Cartoon Saloon. Even more untypical is that The Breadwinner is the story of a girl, Parvana, living under the Taliban in Kabul. After her father is imprisoned and her mother beaten, she cuts her hair to disguise herself as a boy in order to help the family survive – only boys can wander freely in the city and even buy or sell goods at the marketplace.

Meanwhile, the grim reality is contrasted with a fairy tale Parvana relates to her brother each night, Sheherezade-style. Director Nora Twomey uses a graphic, block style of animation, giving way to something more ornate and fantastical for the fairy tale, a beguiling mix of styles and subject matter that makes hand-drawn The Breadwinner both charming and alarming. It’s a rare animation that can appeal to adults and slightly older kids, and it really is a collector’s item.

For your chance to win, one of three Blu-rays, just answer the following question:

Who voiced the father in Cartoon Saloon’s 2014 hit, Song of the Sea?

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The Breadwinner is out on Monday 24th September. Good luck.

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