Up For Grabs

As you can see from my report here, the premiere of Arsenal documentary 89 was one my personal high points of the year. And now it can be one of yours, too.

We’ve got two DVDs of it  “up for grabs now” (to use the immortal line of Brian Moore commentary from the night itself).

The film is an ode to that great, title-winning team who came together like a gang and went up to Liverpool to heist the trophy, an impossible job, done with the last kick of the season.

There’s never been a game like this, when the top two met, last game of the season, both with the title in their hands. What a cast, too: Tony Adams, Paul Merton, Ian Wright, Mickey Thomas, George Graham, Lee Dixon (who exec produces) and more all reflect on the time and on the team, on their characters and attributes.

Produced by football writer Amy Lawrence (who also wrote The Invincibles), it chimes with her interest in the building of teams, how individuals come together to create a unique whole that’s a character in itself.

And there’s a bunch of top tunes too.

Nostalgia, excitement and a superb, heart-stopping recreation of the greatest single moment in football history (I’m a bit biased, ok)…

It’s up for grabs now…

Just tell me: Michael Thomas got the winner of course  – but who scored the first goal of the night at Anfield for Arsenal?

Send your answers to: contact@jasonsolomons.com

89 is in Ourscreen.com cinemas on 11th November and on DVD and Digital Download 20th November 2017.

This competition is now closed. 

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