The Rescue 

To Thailand now, for The Rescue, an absolutely breath-taking documentary about the famous rescue of the kids’ football team, the Wild Boars, who got trapped in a cave system as the world watched on. 

I’m sure we all remember the drama but of course we had no idea what was really going on, despite the 24 hour news crew coverage from above ground. 

Director Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi knows all about gripping dramas –  she made the Oscar-winning Free Solo, about the world’s best free climber, Alex Hannold and she goes further now, actually into the rock face and deep below to reconstruct the cave-diving feats behind this remarkable story when the world held its breath.

Interviewing the British amateur, weekend cave divers who ended up leading the operation, the film reconstructs their efforts to locate the kids and to extract them. It’s brilliantly conveyed and you’re left gasping “how did they do that” both in the first place and in re-enacting it. The direction is laser clear in making sure we can follow the story and how it all comes together, a feat hanging on so many elements that it becomes quite bewildering just how badly things could have gone, for so many people.