The Canned In Film Festival

Cooped up in isolation for the next few weeks, sitting in our tin cans, we will start missing the cinema very much. Let’s hope that’s reason enough to believe movie theatres will survive this current closure and that we will soon flock back to them to share the dark space together.

However, this is also a time when home streaming of movies will be more in demand than ever, across the available platforms its time now to fully explore.

But with a whole world of films to chose from, where do you start?

Here. That’s where. 

A bit of curation from me and I hope I can guide you through the day. If, like me, you’ve got kids at home, we can treat film like a text from school and learn them a bit of film criticism:

What was their favourite moment? The best character and why? Best bit of dialogue? Funniest scene? What was the film about and how did it get its message across? What did the main character want, what were they searching for? What was the music like? How many stars do you give it? Just a few questions should spark a family conversation.

So, every day during this crisis, I’ll put up 3 films that can help us through the day. Let me know what you thought and what the people you watched them with thought and we can have a conversation about it.

I’ll start with one aimed at kids but which adults will love too; follow it with a family film; and then a later night one, for grown-ups, or for young adults just starting their film education and seeing what’s out there in the world.

Each day, I’ll reveal the Official Selection of films and you can see the rest of the daily picks below so you can catch up and view the entire festival programme when you have the time… we may be here for some time, so, like the real Cannes, I’m aiming to provide film fodder and conversation for many weeks after the festival itself is over… it’s the cinematic gift that keeps on giving, you see?

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