The Canned in Film Festival: Day Six

Wow, Day 6 already… can’t believe it… Lockdown is official, so now I’ve really got you – no going nowhere – nights in, only – so, what to watch?

The idea of this was to bring you a mix of genres, of films you might not have seen but have heard of, or hadn’t dared watch, but might work to bring you and your household together. I hope it’s working…

let me know, leave comments, they’re so helpful…

Here’s the official selection for today: 

For the kids after school – try Paranorman (2012) U  from the Leika studio – it’s very inventive and they’ll like the lead character and the animation is so brilliantly different… it’s streaming cheapest on Rakuten TV.

My early evening, all the family pick is: Grease (1978) PG is the word, the word, that you heard. Have your kids seen it? Will they get it? Why are these school kids so old (Olivia Newton John was 30!)? – but I think it’s glorious, always have done – it’’s bright and bouncy and full of hit songs and it might be a risk for them, but it’s one of the great musical films they all have to know. And boy we need a musical right now.

It’s on Amazon Prime, Sky Store and Rakuten TV

And tonight, let’s get a bit more serious with a film that I hope can change the life of a young person seeing it for the first time. I’ve gone for The Kid with the Bike – Le Gamin Au Velo (2011) 12  – and it’s one of those gritty Belgians the Dardenne Brothers’ lightest and most lovely films, with Cecile de France as a hairdresser moved to care for a local 12 yr old kid. It won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2011, and is one of their most accessible and least harrowing social realist films, more poetic than anything. I really hope this reaches out to you – it’s a great film about childhood, children, parenting, caring – all things at the forefront of our minds right now and, as ever, with the Dardennes, there’s a social conscience beating through it, something of vital importance at the moment. 

It’s on BFI Player, and others…