Shoop – Salt n Pepa

Oh yes, it’s Shoop by Salt n Pepa, from 1994, which is way the best thing about Deadpool. The movie has lots of ironic 80s power hits playing, including George Michael’s Careless Whisper at a climactic moment and the Wham album Make it Big as a running gag, so you just know it was hard for me not to pick all of that. But hearing Salt n Pepa over the final credits was a joy and this video is pure joy, no?

It was a tough choice this week, as Concussion had some cool Teddy Pendergrass in it, as well as a (very unlikely) scene in a nightclub where Gugu Mbatha Raw takes Will’s Dr Bennett dancing and they get down to Nina Sky’s Move Ya Body, which is a top tune.

Still, its Salt n Pepa’s Shoop that wins the Tune of Week title – go, girls…

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