Seen Anything Good Lately? The Podcast Yes, it’s finally here, my brand new podcast: Seen Anything Good Lately?

I ask brilliant guests what they’ve been watching – and reading and listening to – and they tell me their latest viewing obsessions. It’s a show that channels all the excitement and passion people have for telling you about what they’re into.

It’s about how we talk about films and docs and programmes now, how we need to share our enthusiasms and convince people to join us, to watch along. And how you decide if you’re persuaded to give something a try.

Each week, I’ll be joined by two great guests and I ask them: Seen Anything Good Lately?  So you’ll get loads of recommendations of what to watch from some leading figures in film, books and music and discover heaps of new entertainment.

And please let me know if you’ve Seen Anything Good Lately? by emailing: