Parklife – Blur

Tune of the Week is Blur’s Parklife, which kicks off Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy Grimsby with its ode to working class pleasures. The footage of council estate degradation isn’t quite Alan Clarke’s Rita Sue and Bob Too opening tracking shot, but it’s certainly got that in mind, and it’s done with a certain affection.

It’s an odd choice given that Nobby – Baron Cohen’s anti-hero –  looks remarkably like Blur rival Liam Gallagher, but there you go. The music in the film has a decidedly dated 90s quality – hello Chumbawumba – perhaps a vestige from the film’s football hooligan roots, but the film’s also got an eye on the American market and, well, at least Blur’s pub anthem has an enduring place in British hearts, especially viewed from abroad – it’s how we don’t mind foreigners thinking of us… brexit? I’m amazed they let us in…

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