A so-so Disney Pixar offering set in a world where everyone’s a troll or fantastical mythical beast for some reason, although they behave like all-American small town folk.  I missed the explanation for it. I mean I saw it, and watched it, but it made no sense. It literally passed me by, as if I was numbed by the sort of anaesthetic only this kind of production-line, middling, computer-generated animation can apply.

Anyway, two brothers go on a quest to find the other half of their dead Dad whom they’ve magicked back to the present… Oh god, I can’t believe I’m even bothering to explain the concept, which is both fiendishly ridiculous as well as utterly pointless outside the fictive world of the movie. 

Once you’re in it, it’s fine, no classic, and no big hit, but perfectly ‘drawn’ and all that and sympathetically voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. It’s a mix of Harry Potter and How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek and other stuff, with the added, classic tearjerk of absent Dads, and it might be OK for undemanding 8-12 year olds.