My Donkey, My Lover & I

Call My Agent star Laure Calamy won the Cesars award for Best Actress for her role in this daffy, appealing French rom com, about a primary school teacher having an affair with the married father of one of her pupils. Bad idea.

Worse, is when she decides to follow that family on holiday, going donkey trekking in the gorgeous Cevennes countryside, hoping to bump into her lover – et hop, sacre bleu, all my clothes fell off!

There’s a lot of French farcical stuff here but Calamy handles it very well in her cute shorts and through her stubborn donkey Patrick, she learns not be an ass, or fall for more asses.

Look, it’s quite charming, pretty to watch, well played, often funny and, ca alors, very French, with the kooky mistress, the cool wife, the scenery, the wine, the sex shenanigans, the moon and the winking locals. A holiday for sense and the senses.